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To manufacturers  

Dear sirs!



We gladly offer you assistance in promoting your products and trade marks on the markets of Saint Petersburg and in regions of Russia. 

Our company is primarily engaged in wholesale of women's bags of natural and imitation materials, as well as cases, portfolios, handbags, traveling, sport and youth backpacks, leather accessories.

We consider kind and fair relations with partners to be the basic principle of our work.

Our long-term cooperative experience with leather goods manufacturers and our efficient marketing policy taught us to choose the key models within entire product range that enjoy most popularity among buyers, thus helping our suppliers to prioritize their production correctly.

A wide spectrum of advertising techniques being employed, particularly, our Internet-shop, gives additional distribution opportunities for your products not only in Saint Petersburg, but also in other cities of Russia.

We are permanently advancing and searching for new ways and solutions for improving the trade. It is independence and self-reliance that helps us moving forward. Therefore we are interested in those suppliers who readily offer new original ideas on how to improve the distribution. At the same time, an important point is that supplier should be able to react promptly and flexibly to our corrections and requests. In our turn, we are prepared to provide any possible support to our partners and to acquaint ourselves with their remarks and suggestions.

Our work is built on a principle that our partners' success is our common success

We are ready for fruitful work with both domestic and foreign leather goods manufacturers. We hope that conditions of team-work offered by us will contribute to development of your business, and you shall choose our firm as your business partner.


We wish you a successful and, above all, a correct choice!


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906.2 (16402) КЗ КРОК ЧЕРНЫЙ В корзину: 16x17
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Санкт-Петербург, В.О, 6-линия, д.59 кор.1 литер Б
Тел. 8 (812) 323-99-52; 8 (981) 6927227 - МТС
E-Mail: opt@sumkispb.ru Пн-Пт с 10.00 до 18.00 Сб , Вс - Выходной


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